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Emily Tsitrian?

As a tech leader navigating the world of people management in corporate America, Emily has learned everything the hard way.
Now she wants to share her lessons with you.

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Emily has experienced the ups & downs, the triumphs & frustrations, and the unique confusion that comes with starting a new management position. She’s been where every new manager begins, at the bottom wondering where and how to start, and she’s come out successful on the other side. Now she is here to tell other managers that it’s okay – being a manager is easier (and more fun!) than you think.

With nearly 10 years of experience as a manager, Emily Tsitrian has learned a thing or two about management – and how it’s nothing like your business classes said it would be. From being thrown into a hiring manager role at a pre-Series A start-up, to leading a post-merger technical team at publicly traded enterprises, her wide variety of management experiences give her a unique perspective on how to lead and succeed while still being yourself.

A management guide that helps you
stand out from the rest.

First time people manager? Not sure where to start? A new management position can come with a lot of craziness and uncertainty. Suddenly, you’re in charge of a lot of people, you have new responsibilities, and (more times than not) no one is stepping up to walk you through the ins and outs of your new position. The more responsibilities are piled onto you, the more you start to ask yourself – can I really handle this? Of course you can!

Emily’s first book, Make Me the Boss, is a fun, non-traditional guide that talks about her journey and experiences in the management space. She wants her experiences to help new managers (like you!) find their footing as they walk along this next phase of their career path.

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Looking for a podcast to guide you into the brave new world of people management? Check out Emily’s podcast manager.flow to get great management tips, funny stories, and real answers to questions everyone wants to know about management (but are too afraid to ask).

As a female sales manager, I’ve been given so much advice in my career about books to read to help me and they are all filled with sports analogies. There are so few female managers that are giving their perspective on leading people and it’s such a huge difference in approach. It’s so nice to hear and so insightful.

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a note from Emily

Leading other human beings is hard (and sometimes, downright confusing) work. Finding your power and standing out in a world filled with suits can be tough. Your new position will come with plenty of new challenges, and sometimes, you might feel like you’re lost in the shuffle. 

Well, here’s some good news – you aren’t alone.

Once upon a time, I was a new manager, and let me tell you – I’ve been there and I know how hard it can be. That’s why I want to empower new managers, women, and millennials to be confident, embrace their own talents, and inspire change – both in and out of the office. By sharing my own crazy experiences, I hope that I can give you some advice that will help you slay the management game and not lose yourself in the process.

You’ve worked hard to earn your seat at the management table. Now it’s time to pull out the chair, sit down, and show them what you’re made of.

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