About Emily

Originally from Salt Lake City, Emily has used her management superpowers to give advice to other up-and-coming managers on how to be successful, confident leaders who live their values in the workplace.

Whether it’s through coaching, public speaking, her podcast manager.flow, or her new management how-to guide, Make Me the Boss; she’s made it her mission to empower other managers to become leaders that make a difference, both in and out of the boardroom.

For Emily, giving other managers and leaders the tools to be confident, impactful, and successful is personal. She was given a chance to show what she was capable of, and believes other people should get that same opportunity – but instead of figuring out things by trial and error, she aims to give new leaders a leg up by providing tools and insight they can use to get ahead in the management game. 

It’s not all work and no play. When Emily isn’t breaking glass ceilings, she loves exploring the mountains with her husband, Robbie, and their rescue dog, Mar. She’s been known to rock 90s music at local karaoke hot spots and consumes WAY too much Sriracha and LaCroix.

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