Make me the boss

A management guide that encourages you to embrace your fullest potential.

Make Me the Boss was written to be a guiding light in the otherwise dark world of management. Whether you’re brand new to management or just looking for a new approach, this book is for you. Learn about finding your leadership voice and being confident in your skills. Define success on your own terms. You don’t have to fit in someone else’s box to be a good manager. Be YOU – and be unapologetic about it.

In her guide, Emily Tsitrian draws from her past experiences and talks about more than just how to be a good manager – she addresses some of the most critical challenges facing new leaders in today’s business climate:

Make Me the Boss is a unique guide that talks about using management skills in the workplace and in life as it explores work-life-balance, defining your success, the journey to prosperity, and finding your unique voice as a leader. Make Me the Boss hits bookshelves in January 2022.

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